High quality CNC machined components proudly manufactured in Europe delivered worldwide.

Products Sabner
Precision Parts

Precision Parts

We manufacture precision parts used in the most demanding applications.

Turned parts

We specialize in manufacturing turned parts on automatic lathes.

Turned Parts
Machined Parts

Machined parts

We offer manufacturing small metal parts according to customer documentation.

Electronic parts

We are experts in manufacturing electronic machined parts.

Electronic machined parts
Medical parts

Medical parts

We offer precision machined parts for medical and dental applications.

Aerospace parts

We are a manufacturer and supplier of small, precision aerospace parts.

Aerospace parts
Pneumatic parts

Pneumatic parts

Our specialty is the manufacturing of precision machined pneumatic parts.

Hydraulic parts

We manufacture precision-machined hydraulic parts.

Hydraulic Parts
Automotive Parts

Automotive parts

We offer parts manufacturing for the automotive sector.

Metal Inserts

We are experts in high-volume manufacturing of metal inserts for industry.

Metal Inserts

Turned crimp contacts

We specialize in manufacturing brass turned crimp contacts for electronic connectors.

Self-Tapping Inserts

We offer a wide range of self-tapping threaded inserts for every industrial sector

Self-Tapping inserts

Hydraulic Fittings

We manufacture high-quality hydraulic fittings on precision CNC machines.

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