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Obróbka CNC, frezowanie, toczenie, ISO 9001- Sabner



Our company is specialized in the serial machining of parts on state-of-the-art and high-performance machines with numerical control. We can process various types of materials, however, our main offer covers the processing of steel, stainless steel and nonferrous metals. Our offer includes mainly the turning and milling of elements with a max. weight of 20 kg. The main material is supplied in the form of rods, pipes and flat bars, however a large part of our production is also the processing of castings and forgings.

Our products have been used in the automotive, railway, mining, machine, power engineering industries, etc., for many years. We operate in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, which guarantees the stable and reproducible quality of our products. A responsible approach to quality and long-term experience in the CNC machining industry allows us to build successful cooperation with many domestic and foreign customers. Check the details of our offer.


Sabner is an excellently organized, modern company specialized in CNC machining. We have been operating continuously for more than ten years, regularly developing the potential and capabilities in the machining industry. Our company is located in Bielsko-Biała, in the south of Poland, which is the most industrialized region of Poland, and the center of Europe. This offers excellent logistical conditions for developing cooperation with domestic and foreign partners.



We are specialized in the serial machining of parts with a max. weight of 20 kg. The basic technologies offered to our customers include CNC milling and turning. We can machine many different materials, but we specialize in metals, mainly steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We work both on semi-finished products such as forgings and castings and we process rods or shape-cut products.


The key of our success in the industry is our specialization, as well as our responsible and long-term attitude towards relationships with the customer. Thanks to limiting of our offer to serial machining only, we are able to better fine-tune our processes. We understand that if we want to work with the best, we have to guarantee consistent and stable quality. Confirmation of our responsible attitude to quality is the established quality management system based on ISO 9001.


Our products are used in many different industries. We realize projects for customers from the automotive, railway, machine, mining, hydraulic/pneumatic power industries and many other disciplines. Each of them exhibits different specifics and requirements, the understanding of which, combined with long-term experience, enables the needs of our domestic and foreign customers to be met.


The most important thing for us, as for every responsible manufacturer, is the satisfaction of clients. The customer is always the most reliable reviewer of our work, as customer opinion refers both to product quality, professional cooperation and service. Over the years of our business operations, we have managed to build the position of a supplier with high recognition and reputation. This can be confirmed with examples of references from our satisfied customers.