Precision parts manufacturing

We manufacture and deliver small
precision components for all key industries.

Precision parts

Who we are

SABNER is an ultra-modern machine shop located in the heart of Europe.

We have decades of experience in subcontract CNC machining of precision components. The parts we manufacture are supplied to customers throughout Europe and even beyond.

What we do

We specialize in high-volume machining of small, complex metal components.

Our parts are used in many critical applications, from electronics to aerospace, medical, dental, and more.

Turned Parts
Quality metal parts

Why Sabner?​

We offer:

  • cost-effective production
  • supreme precision
  • excellent lead time
  • always on-time deliveries

Our advantages

  • High-precision manufacturing on CNC-controlled machines
  • Production runs from 1000 pieces
  • Possibility of sample production for validation purposes
  • Stockholding of manufactured components to ensure reliable and fast delivery
  • Detailed measurement report included with each delivery
  • Quality assured by an ISO 9001-2015 accredited quality system
  • Technical support to optimize manufacturing technology

Parts we manufacture:


We specialize mainly in the manufacture of small and micro components.

The maximum diameter of the parts we can produce is 32mm, but in practice, the vast majority of our machined parts are at most 12mm in diameter. The lower dimensional limit practically does not exist.

Precision parts
Dental machined parts


With our equipment, we can machine almost any shape required by our customers.

In practice, we mainly produce small parts of complicated shapes. We can also precisely machine long, thin, slender parts with high accuracy.


Our specialty is definitely metal machining.

Steel, stainless steel, brass, super-alloys, and titanium are the most common in our daily production. However, if required, we can machine various materials, such as plastics or composites.

Materials swiss machining
Quality swiss turning


The superior quality of parts is standard in Sabner.

Our experienced engineers work on CNC automatic machines with micron precision; manufactured parts are inspected using advanced 3D microscopes. An integrated quality management system controls everything.


We offer fast and reliable parcel delivery worldwide.

A perfectly protected package with precision machined components, and a complete set of quality documents reaches the customer quickly, usually by air freight.

Delivery parts
Stainless steel machined parts


We aim for high-volume production; the minimum batch size is usually 1000 pieces.

However, in practice, we often produce small quantities of samples for approval purposes.

Our Products:​

Precision parts for the most demanding applications.

Precision Parts

Expertly crafted turned parts for all industrial sectors.

Turned parts

Machined parts precisely engineered to meet the most demanding requirements.

Machined parts

Our Services:​

Performance and accuracy come together in our precision turning solutions.

Precision turning

We offer precision manufacturing technologies that deliver high quality parts.

Precision manufacturing

Experience the quality and reliability of our precision machining solutions.

Precision machining

Our Swiss machining process delivers unmatched performance and quality.

Swiss machining

Get parts machined precisely to your specifications