Turned Parts

Our specialization is precision turned parts manufacturing on Swiss-type automatic machines.

Turned Parts

What are turned parts?

This group of components are manufactured by removing material from a cylindrical workpiece using a machine tool called a lathe.

The process of removing material is called turning, which can be done using various cutting tools. A characteristic feature of the turning process is the rotational movement of the workpiece. It causes turned parts usually have cylindrical shapes such as screws, pins, shafts, bushings, bolts, and many more.

Manufacturing​ process

Precision turned parts are a group of components subject to the highest quality requirements.

They are often critical components of mechanisms or devices. It causes the machining process of these parts to be carried out by experienced engineers on specialized equipment. There are two types of precision turned parts manufacturing processes:

  • Precision Turning: a CNC turning process dedicated to manufacturing the most demanding parts, requiring a tighter tolerance to ensure a proper fit with other components.
  • Swiss Machining: also called Swiss turning, is a specific type of precision turning used to produce extremely small, complex parts. Also essential in the manufacture of long and slender components.
Turned Parts Manufacturing


Turned parts are used in many industries and applications where precision, accuracy, and durability are required.

They can be produced in large quantities and with minimal waste, which makes them cost-effective in the long run. The most popular applications of turned parts are:


Turned parts can be made from various materials, including metals, plastics, and composites.

Due to their unique material characteristics, the most common in the industry are:

  • Stainless Steel Turned Parts These parts are critical especially for medical, aerospace and hydraulic sectors.
  • Brass Turned Parts These are commonly used in electronics, furniture and many more industry sectors.
  • Titanium Turned Parts
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Turned Parts Supplier

Sabner is a world-class turned parts company, providing precision manufacturing services to clients across a range of industries.

We specialize in producing high precision turned parts from a wide variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, brass, and plastics. With a focus on precision and efficiency, we utilize fully automated CNC machines to achieve unparalleled dimensional repeatability and productivity.

Our state-of-the-art machine shop is equipped with modern Swiss-type automatic machines, which allow us to achieve extremely high accuracy in CNC machine parts, with tolerances measured in thousandths of a millimeter. We also offer a range of secondary operations, such as milling, slotting, cross-drilling, and cross-tapping, to provide a complete solution for your precision turned components needs.

At Sabner, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Our team of experienced engineers works closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements, and we employ the latest manufacturing technologies to ensure that our turned parts are of the highest quality.

Whether you need turned parts for aerospace, medical, automotive, or any other industry, Sabner has the expertise and resources to deliver the precision parts you need, on time and on budget.

Contact us today to learn more about our CNC turned parts manufacturing services and how we can help you achieve your production goals.

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