Precision turning

We offer precision turning of small metal parts for the most demanding customers.

Precision turning

What is precision turning?

Precision turning is a manufacturing process that fabricates cylindrical parts with high precision and accuracy. Critical in this process is ensuring the dimensional accuracy of the turned parts produced, as well as their repeatability throughout the production batch.

The process is a variation of CNC turning. It involves the controlled cutting of material from a blank to achieve the designed shape of the manufactured part. In this case, the blank, in the form of a bar, performs a rotary motion, and the tool moves along it, cutting successive layers of material until the finished part is obtained.

In the precision turning process, a computer numerical control (CNC) system is used to control the movement of the tool and the rotation of the workpiece. This allows for precise and accurate control of the machining process, which is important when creating precision-turned parts with very small dimensions.

What machines are used for precision turning?

Precision turning is carried out on special machine tools, which belong to two main groups of machines. The first group is CNC machining centers, which allow the machining of larger-sized parts and have extensive capabilities for performing multiple operations in a single workpiece fixture.

Automatic lathes

The second group of machine tools used for precision turning are CNC automatic lathes. These are specialized machines designed for manufacturing small, complex parts in large quantities. Their advantage is the extensive automation capabilities of the production process, including material feeding. This allows for very efficient parts manufacturing.

What materials are used in precision turning?

In the process of precision-turned parts manufacturing, we have the opportunity to work with a wide range of materials, including:

  • stainless steel
  • brass
  • carbon steel
  • titanium
  • precious metals
  • special metal alloys
Turned Parts


Precision turning offers an excellent balance of part quality, production efficiency, and process economy, making it a popular choice for many manufacturing industries.

It has several advantages over other manufacturing methods:

  • High precision and accuracy:
    Manufacturing cylindrical parts with tight dimensional tolerances, ensuring that parts fit and function as intended.
  • Repeatability: Manufacturing many identical parts even in large production batches, which is important in many industries where uninterrupted component assembly is critical.
  • Versatility:
    This method can produce various components, from simple to complex shapes, in multiple materials. This makes turned parts so popular in the industry.
  • Efficiency:
    Manufacturing can be done at a very fast pace thanks to the use of modern cutting tools. In addition, modern automatic lathes can dramatically reduce production cycle times.
  • Automation:
    Precision turning is done by CNC automatic lathes, which can be programmed to operate automatically, reducing the need for human labor and increasing productivity.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Manufacturing is more profitable in the long run because high-quality parts are produced with minimal waste, saving money on materials and labor costs.
  • Complex parts:
    It is feasible to manufacture intricate parts that may be challenging or impossible to produce using alternative methods. The key here is maintaining the highest dimensional precision of the parts made.
  • High-volume manufacturing:
    This method is suitable for high-volume manufacturing because it produces many identical parts in a 24/7 cycle.


Precision turning is one of the most versatile and efficient manufacturing methods. This makes turned parts found in a great many products around us.

Among the most popular categories of parts produced by this method are:

Sabner – the leader in precision turning

Precision turning requires not only a skilled workforce but also state-of-the-art technology. At Sabner, we invest in the best equipment, including fully automated CNC machines. These machines provide the highest levels of accuracy and repeatability, ensuring that every part we produce is of the highest quality.

In addition, we use the latest software tools and design techniques to optimize our manufacturing processes, reducing production time and improving efficiency. All this makes us a leader in precision turning in the European market.

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