Self-tapping threaded inserts

We produce high-quality self-tapping threaded inserts in a variety of designs.

Self-tapping threaded inserts

Self-tapping threaded inserts – what are they used for?

Self-tapping threaded inserts, or self-tapping threaded sleeves, are precision-made fasteners used in many industries. Their main task is to enable the use of strong threaded connections in materials with low mechanical strength, such as plastics, wood, aluminum, brass, and various types of technical foams.

The conical shape at the bottom and the notching groove mean that a threaded hole is unnecessary to install the insert. When screwing the insert into a smooth-walled hole, the necessary thread is cut automatically. Thanks to the locking effect of the sleeve in the hole, a reliable and durable fastening is created. In cases where the locking effect is unnecessary, inserts with a cylindrical hole without a slot are used.

Self-tapping threaded inserts produced by Sabner are used primarily to create connections with screws in smooth holes, as well as to repair broken threads (after prior preparation – reaming the hole). For installation, it is enough to use a screw with a nut and a wrench.

Application of self-tapping inserts

The excellent performance characteristics of self-tapping threaded inserts make them used in many industries. The top-quality inserts we produce are used, among others, by manufacturers of furniture and interior furnishings. This is because inserts work well as reinforcement for wooden or particleboard elements.

Another common application of threaded inserts is in the automotive industry, where the inserts are used, for example, to rebuild broken threads in-vehicle components: heads, engine blocks, housings, and many others.

Types of self-tapping threaded inserts

Thanks to our experience in precision machining and Swiss-type automatic lathe machines, we can produce large batches of parts with the highest dimensional precision. Our offer includes a wide range of manufactured threaded inserts, such as:

  • Threaded inserts with groove
  • Threaded inserts with groove and flange
  • Threaded inserts with a groove with an internal hexagon
  • Thin-walled self-tapping threaded  inserts
  • Threaded inserts with grooves and holes
  • Threaded inserts with blind holes
  • Threaded inserts with locking groove
  • Threaded inserts with three chamfers
  • Bushings for broken threads
  • Bushings for thread repair

Highest manufacturing quality

We use metals and their alloys to manufacture threaded inserts. When required, the inserts can be hardened by heat treatment. In addition, galvanized zinc or any other coating, according to the customer’s requirement, is applied to the resulting parts by machining. Our company can manufacture and supply any self-tapping inserts made of steel with diameters up to fi 32 according to the specifications provided by the customer.

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