Bulkhead unions

We manufacture bulkhead unions according to customers’ requirements

Bulkhead unions

Sabner – a leader among manufacturers of bulkhead unions

Sabner is a leader in manufacturing bulkhead unions used in industry. High-performance, state-of-the-art CNC automatic lathes create extraordinary precision and the highest quality possible parts. Sabner’s offer includes manufacturing standard bulkhead connectors and turning parts according to individual customer requirements. Many years of experience in machining enable fast and free project verification, short lead times, and competitive prices. Our experts will happily take care of your project for bulkhead union manufacturing. Save time; contact us today!

What are bulkhead unions?

Bulkhead unions are small components, usually made of metal, used to create permanent pipe connections. As the name suggests, they are designed to build connections in thin walls, such as sheet metal or bulkheads. With their help, you can fix valves or pipes, for example, and they are also an effective solution when you need to extend a section of the installation. Bulkhead unions are used in power hydraulics, pneumatics, plumbing, water mains, or heating systems.

Bulkhead unions have a standard-length thread on one side and a long thread on the other, often used with a counter-nut. The counter-nut, otherwise known as a narrow nut, can be used as a pressure piece on the gasket to increase tightness and for attaching quick couplings to fixed components, such as hydraulic fittings in a vehicle frame. The counter-nut allows such a connector to be fixed in the frame without welding.

What are bulkhead unions?

Bulkhead connector – parameters

Choosing the material from which the bulkhead connector will be manufactured is necessary to determine what the installation will be filled with. It is necessary to indicate whether it will be liquid, gas, or air and then determine its pressure, temperature, and flow intensity. It is worth using components distinguished by high resistance to corrosion, especially if they will be in contact with water or chemicals. This will allow the selection of bulkhead unions with the right parameters to guarantee the tightness and durability of the installation.

In addition, bulkhead fittings can be divided by thread type:

  • Metric (M) – plain metric,
  • Inch (BSP) – British inch,
  • Inch-metric – metric thread on one side and inch thread on the other,
  • UNF / JIC – U.S. inch, unified, fine thread; UNF = internal thread, JIC = external thread,
  • ORFS – U.S. inch UNF with O-ring on the front; AORFS = ORFS male thread.
Bulkhead connector - parameters

Sabner – your supplier of bulkhead fittings

At Sabner, we use high-quality carbon steel (galvanized if necessary), stainless steel, and brass for manufacturing bulkhead unions. We tailor the manufacturing process to the individual requirements of our customers. We use the highest standards, allowing us to create and deliver bulkhead connectors up to 32 in diameter to the indicated location. Many customers have trusted us; join them!

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