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High-quality bolts

Sabner is a proven manufacturer of metal bolts of various types and applications. We specialize in high-volume manufacturing on CNC automatic lathes of bolts up to fi 32 in diameter according to customer-supplied specifications. We offer short lead times and transportation of the finished product to the indicated location. If you are looking for a trusted supplier of precision parts, please contact our sales department. We will prepare a free quote for your project!

Appearance and application of bolts

A bolt is an elongated cylindrical metal part mounted in holes, used to connect other parts or accessories. Its purpose is to prevent their axial displacement and not fall out of the hole. One end may have a so-called head with a diameter larger than the body, while the other end is prepared for an additional element to prevent falling out of the hole: a hole for a pin, a thread for a nut, or a groove for a circlip (called a Seger ring). The head-shaped bolt is most often cylindrical, and its role is to hold the bolt at the required height of the hole. The pin, nut, or circlip immobilizes and stabilizes the pin.

The primary use of bolts is to create bolted connections. In this type of disconnected movement connection, the pin is an intermediate element, and it must prevent axial displacement of the parts from being joined while maintaining their mobility. The pin connection resembles hinges in action and performs the same function – providing a solid connection and flexible movement between the parts.

Therefore, this connection is most often used in connecting joints, as it can perfectly cope with expansion forces, friction, loads resulting from movement in different directions, and thermal expansion of the parts. Vibration-absorbing washers are used due to the vibrations and shocks that arise during use, which can lead to the bolts falling out. Additional protection is provided by the previously mentioned pin, nut, or ring. However, the bolt will not have a securing element called a smooth bolt.

Thanks to its characteristics, the pin is used in many industrial sectors. It is present wherever movement between components and high resistance to the laws of physics is required. That’s why bolts can be found in various types of machines – primarily construction machines, such as excavators and loaders. Industrial machines include conveyor belts, scales or production machines, and agricultural machines, such as tractors and harvesters. In addition, bolts are some of the most commonly used automotive machined parts – crucial control arm components. This suspension element connects the body to the wheel knuckle.

Types of bolts

Sabner is an experienced manufacturer of fasteners of the highest quality. We use high-quality steel and stainless steel for manufacturing bolts; however, we also offer turning brass and aluminum on automatic lathes. The choice of material depends on the force that will press on the bolt: the more significant, the more complex raw material should be used for manufacture. Below are the types of bolts we most often produce:

  • without a head – in the shape of a cylinder, they may have chamfered ends, with or without a hole for a pin,
  • with a small cylinder head – at one end, they have a slight thickening in the shape of a cylindrical “head,” allowing the attachment in the hole. They are available with or without a hole for the pin,
  • with a large cylindrical head – as above, with the difference that the “head” is significant, they come with or without a pinhole,
  • with a square head – with or without a pinhole,
  • with a lenticular head – at one end, it has a head with slight rounding, with a profile resembling a lens, it comes with or without a pinhole,
  • with a nose head – on one end, they have a “nose” shaped like a screw head, with or without a pinhole,
  • with an ear head – one end has a semicircular “head” with a hole, in profile resembling an ear, produced with or without a pinhole,
  • with a threaded pivot – at one end, they have a thread for a nut or allow the bolt to be screwed into a suitably threaded hole. They are produced with a hexagonal or truncated cylinder head.

Your trusted manufacturer of bolts

At Sabner, we have specialized for many years in manufacturing metal parts with diameters up to fi 32, so we can offer our customers bolts of various types and many applications. Our highly qualified employees and modern CNC automatic lathes allow us to face the most difficult tasks. We offer high-quality manufacturing, short lead times, and transportation of components to any location. If you are looking for a trusted supplier of bolts, contact us. Our sales assistants will prepare a free quote for you!

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