Fasteners manufacturing

We offer the manufacturing of custom fasteners for a variety of applications.

Fasteners manufacturing

Fasteners manufacturing

At Sabner, we are engaged in the manufacturing of custom metal parts. Various types of custom fasteners account for a large share of the wide range of parts we produce. This is a very large group of products present in almost every area of industrial application.

Fasteners are called all kinds of parts used to connect two or more parts of a structure or device. Parts of this type are very common in industrial applications. The most popular fasteners include all kinds of bolts, nuts, inserts, connectors, studs, pins, pads, washers, and much more.

It’s impossible to imagine any industry that doesn’t need these parts from the automotive, railroad, aerospace, furniture, construction, and defense industries.

Manufacturing of fasteners

Due to the scale of demand, high-performance manufacturing techniques are required to manufacture fastener accessories. The most common here are machining processes such as forging or rolling, allowing mass manufacturing of bolts and nuts, often in the tens of millions of units per year.

However, there is a large group of fasteners unsuitable for this type of production for various reasons. Often, there are insufficient quantities of pieces to make it profitable to launch a mass process. Still, It also happens that a particular component is too complicated to be done this way.

Fastener manufacturing

Sabner – manufacturer of custom fasteners

In cases where you need fasteners that are not available in wholesalers’ warehouses due to non-standard shape or dimensions, we can offer the manufacturing of such parts on our powerful CNC automatic lathes.

Our company specializes in high-volume manufacturing of all kinds of custom metal parts. We use the precision CNC machining method on CNC machines to manufacture parts. This method is ideal for the efficient manufacturing of all kinds of fasteners.

The basic advantages of CNC machining technology, such as high accuracy and precision, speed, and repeatability of the process realized for thousands of identical parts, prove invaluable here.

If you have a demand for fasteners that you can’t fulfill in a wholesale store, send us an inquiry. We have everything to help you realize your project and produce the necessary components.

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