Metal Sleeves

We manufacture top-quality sleeves for many industries

Metal Sleeves

Sabner – a leading manufacturer of metal sleeves

With years of experience in machining, at Sabner, we produce top-quality sleeves for almost every industry. We manufacture the components at our modern headquarters in southern Poland on precision CNC automatic lathes. We offer the highest quality manufacturing, fast lead times, and competitive prices. Ask our experts about your project for metal sleeves manufacturing, and you will receive a free quote.

What are metal sleeves, and how are they made?

A sleeve is an inconspicuous but extremely important part of almost any machine. In the simplest terms, sleeves are cylindrical elements having a through hole in the central part. They are manufactured from metal bars using modern automatic lathe CNC machines. The most commonly used material is steel (including stainless steel), aluminum and copper alloys, and bronze, which works well where high wear resistance is required.

The manufacturing of metal sleeves involves machining the material from which they are made. With the help of automatic lathes attached to the CNC automatic lathe, the excess raw material is cut, turned into chips, and the part with the required dimensions – length, diameter, and wall thickness. In addition, the automatic lathe can be programmed to make additional elements in the sleeves during the manufacturing process, such as grooves, holes, or collars.

Formation of sleeves

Applications of metal sleeves

The spectrum of applications for metal sleeves is very wide. It includes, among other things, simple fastening techniques but also the manufacture of components of many complex assemblies. Metal sleeves are commonly used to construct machines and equipment – from small household appliances that everyone has at home through vehicles of all sizes to the largest machines, which are components of production lines. This is because metal sleeves are used to create sockets for seating bolts or bearings and cylinders – including the bodies of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders or shock absorbers. Sleeves are also utilized in internal combustion engines to mount moving parts, for example, axles and shafts, and are sometimes used as guides.

Highest manufacturing quality

At Sabner, we manufacture metal sleeves strictly according to our customer’s specifications, maintaining high precision and repeatability. We have many years of experience machining high-grade steel, brass, and aluminum. Thanks to this, we can produce and deliver bushings of the highest quality to the indicated location with diameters up to fi 32 according to the customers’ requirements.

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